ROTTERDAM is connected with 900 seaports and 100 inland ports. You can find all ports on the maps below. Go directly to Sea Shipping, Groupage by Sea or Inland Shipping.

ROTTERDAM has Rail Connections up to China and Road Transport with 70 mapped countries. Go directly to Rail destinations or Country Index Road Transport.

ROTTERDAM is worldwide connected by Air via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Go directly to Airlines, Airfreight Forwarding Agents or General Sales Agents (GSA’s)

ROTTERDAM photo gallery including extended maps of the Rotterdam Port Area

Why choose Rotterdam?

  • As Europe’s prime logistical hub, Rotterdam offers the shipping industry unparalleled variety in shipping options.

  • Irrespective of whether you are in the export or import business  this website provides you with a choice of hundreds of selected logistical service suppliers. Logistical service suppliers that rank among Europe’s finest, into whose care you can safely consign your goods.

  • Altogether this website furnishes you with about 2100 company profiles, a branch register, global maps/port maps, transport links to all countries in the world and lists of thousands of contacts employed in the largest port of Europe.

Our website is constantly growing. Recently added: All maps with ports Shipping/Groupage by Sea are renewed. Read here all previous improvements

January 2018

September 2017

  • If a company contains an extended company description this company will be marked with  tag in all the branchelists.
  • It is now possible to put your company with logo in a top list (google ranking) above all your ports or destinations. It is also possible to google rank some specific ports or destinations.

August 2017

  • You can now search for a particular branche on the page ‘show all companies by branche
  • The total number of companies per branche is shown in the header of the particular page.

May 2017

April 2017

  • A map of the Port of Rotterdam is added to the first photo gallery on the homepage.

March 2017

  • The homepage has been redesigned to give a better overview of the contents of the website.
  • You can now search for companies on every page of our website in the search window in the upper righthand corner of the navigation menu.
  • You can now search for destinations/ports/countries on all pages with addresses in Shipping, Groupage by Sea, Groupage by Road, Rhine-Inland Shipping and Railway Traffic by entering the destination/port/country in the search window.
  • All destinations/ports/countries are linked to the corresponding map. Behind every destination  /  port  /  country   you will see the corresponding Map number, by clicking on the map number a pop-up will be shown with the corresponding map.

February 2017

January 2017

  • Two new Photo galleries are added on the homepage. One with beautiful pictures of Rotterdam and all transportmodalities and one with  maps of Shipping, Groupage by Sea, Groupage by Road, Rhine-Inland Shipping and Railway Traffic.
  • The number of company profiles which are on the website is now visible on the homepage. They will be updated 24/7.
  • On the pages with long lists of addresses an Alphabet is added to ease searching for a specific company or managementperson.
  • All company profiles with Rhine-Inland Terminals are enriched with information on their facilities.
  • The log-on dashboard in which you can manage your company profiles is now also available in English and German

December 2016

  • In all ‘search for companies’ windows you can now also search on the Ref-number of the company profile.
  • All members of the Fenex have a Fenex logo behind their company name in all lists of companies.
  • Two new organisations have been added to the memberships logo’s, i.e. Fonasba and HRCA.

November 2016

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