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Fenex, Ned. Organisatie voor Expeditie en Logistiek

Fenex, Ned. Organisatie voor Expeditie en Logistiek

Tel: +31 (0)88 4567400 Ref: 19706

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  • Boris Pasternaklaan 22-30
  • 2719 DA Zoetermeer
  • P.O. Box 3008
  • 2700 KS Zoetermeer
  • The Netherlands
  • Tel: +31 (0)88 4567400
  • Fax: +31 (0)88 4567200
  • Website:

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Slappendel, Mrs. E.M.C. Manager TLN Kring LSC/FENEX
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Anyone wishing to ship goods abroad wants to be certain that they will arrive at their destination in the same pristine condition as when they started. There is more to this than meets the eye. The freight forwarder as provider of logistic services is the expert who takes this upon himself on behalf of his customer in trade and industry. He solves logistic problems and is familiar with the obscure transport market. A large number of factors play a role when seeking the optimum logistic solution for goods carriage. Transport modality, speed, type of goods, point of departure, destination, trade and customs regulations, costs, and so on, may also all be determining factors in the matter of whether a product can compete with other products on the world market.


As organization representing freight forwarders and logistic service providers, FENEX has looked after the interests of almost 400 national companies for over 100 years. This joint protection of interests is intended to strengthen the position of the organized freight forwarder/ provider of logistic services in the Netherlands. FENEX aims to create a climate in which its members are able to operate as efficiently as possible in favourable conditions. Another important aim is to achieve and maintain healthy relationships within the freight forwarding sector. Information and advice to members are a paramount importance where quality of service is concerned. In view of the international character of the freight forwarding sector, cooperation with freight forwarding organizations in other countries is of paramount importance. As a member association of CLECAT – the European Liaison Committee of Freight Forwarders – and the world organization of freight forwarders FIATA, FENEX protects the interests of Dutch freight forwarders. At national level, the FENEX Council for Airfreight Logistics deals with specific matters to airfreight forwarding. The Council closely cooperates with the Freight Forwarders Council of Air Cargo Netherlands (ACN).

Service Provision

In addition to the general and individual promotion of interests, FENEX has a number of core tasks:


Various sets of general conditions have been developed that enable FENEX members to ensure that their contractual position in relation to customers is well-regulated according to the job in question. These general conditions are:

  • the Dutch Forwarding Conditions
    The Dutch Forwarding Conditions regulate the legal relationship between the freight forwarders and their customers.
  • the Terms and Conditions for Value-Added Logistics
    The Terms and Conditions for Value-Added Logistics are specifically intended for companies providing ancillary goods services in addition to warehousing.
  • the Dutch Warehousing Conditions
    The Dutch Warehousing Conditions regulate the legal relationship between customer and freight forwarding companies that carry out specific warehousing activities. Disputes between forwarders and their principals are normally settled by arbitration based on these conditions without recourse to the courts of law.


FENEX members can participate in collective insurance to cover the following risks taken when fulfilling customs formalities:

  • Collective Insurance Import Declarations Fiscal Representative with Limited License
    Within the framework of the Collective Insurance Import Declarations it is also possible to cover the financial loss that arises for the freight forwarder if a claim is submitted to him in his capacity as fiscal representative with limited license.

  • Collective Insurance Customs Transit Procedures
    FENEX offers its members insurance providing member-freight-forwarders with the opportunity to cover themselves for the risk of non-clearance of customs transport documents issued by them.
  • Collective Insurance Customs Import Declarations
    FENEX offers its members insurance providing member-freight-forwarders with the opportunity to cover themselves for financial risks concerning customs import declarations.
  • Cargo Insurance Online
    FENEX offers its members insurance providing member-freight-forwarders with the opportunity to arrange cargo insurance simply and efficiently online.

Declaration-Form Customs Goods

FENEX makes a declaration available to members instructing the carrier concerning the correct processing of customs transit documents. It is possible that this declaration will result in the Customs Authorities waiving an administrative fi ne imposed upon the freight forwarder for non-clearance of customs documents.

FIATA Documents

Specific forwarding documents (FCR, FCT, FBL, FWR and SDT) have been developed to make easier the activities of those forwarders operating internationally and who are organized within FIATA. In the Netherlands only FENEX-members can issue them.

Vocational Training

Within the forwarding industry, the quality of its employees is one of the main factors leading to success. FENEX recognizes this and contributes by organizing courses in the fields of freight forwarding, logistics and customs legislation. FENEX is also actively involved in the design of lecture programs for various training institutions.

FENEX Guarantee Fund

In order to emphasize the reliability of FENEX freight forwarders, FENEX has established a guarantee fund. This guarantee fund means that should a FENEX freight forwarder go into bankruptcy, the FENEX guarantee will reimburse under certain conditions any financial loss incurred by the customer. In other words, FENEX freight forwarders stand surety for one another. The Guarantee Fund has been incorporated into the Foundation FENEX Guarantee Fund.


For more information about FENEX, Netherlands Association for Forwarding and Logistics mail to [email protected] or call telephone +31 (0)88 4567400,

Uitgeverij Logistiek, Ridderkerk

T. +31 (0)180 490122