Vladiwostok (Russia) - Railway traffic - Map VI C5

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Departure from Companies Frequency from Rotterdam Frequency to Rotterdam Transport codes Phone Email Website
Rotterdam DB Schenker Logistics Nederland – Ede Fenex member daily/weekly B, C, TC 0318-696800 info.nl@dbschenker.com www.schenker.nl
Duisburg, Rotterdam Agility B.V. - Railway Fenex member daily/weekly B, C, T, TC 088-4360126 netherlands@agilitylogistics.com www.agilitylogistics.com
All German Terminals, Antwerpen, Rotterdam Looze Logistics B.V. daily/weekly +31 (0)541 520346 yvonne@looze.nl www.looze.nl
Rotterdam MStar Freight Services Fenex member daily/weekly B, C, K, T, TC 010-4233911 info@mstarfreight.com www.mstarfreight.com

Uitgeverij Logistiek | P.O. Box 3064 | NL-2980 DB Ridderkerk

T. +31 (0)180 490 122