TOS (Transport & Offshore Services B.V.)

TOS (Transport & Offshore Services B.V.)

Tel: +31 (0)10 4366293 Ref: 20472
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  • Waalhaven O.Z. 77
  • Building 4
  • 3087 BM Rotterdam
  • Port no: 2203A
  • Tel: +31 (0)10 4366293
  • Website:

Management persons

NameFunctionDirect tel.MobileEmail
Stuurman, M. Operations director+31 (0)10 4366293
Kievits, R. Sales Manager Ship Delivery+31 (0)10 4366293
Wagenaar, K Managing Director+31 (0)10 4366293
Wagenaar, I Commercial Director+31 (0)10 4366293
Holdermans, M Compliance Director+31 (0)10 4366293
Wilbers, T Business Manager Ship Delivery+31 (0)10 4366293
Jouahri, A Business Manager Towing & Offshore+31 (0)10 4366293
Cool, J Business manager Offshore+31 (0)10 4366293
Westermann, M Director Project Staffing & Services+31 (0)10 4366293
Donnina, G Business manager Work2Learn & Logistics+31 (0)10 4366293
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P.O. Box 3064 | NL-2980 DB Ridderkerk