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Rotterdam. Maritime Capital of Europe.

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The Maritime Capital of Europe.

Rotterdam has always held tremendous attraction for pioneers and market leaders in the maritime industry. Due to its location on the North Sea, and surrounded by three rivers, this city has maritime knowledge and expertise in its blood. Together with the Drecht Cities, all kinds of maritime technology and solutions that did not previously exist have been developed here throughout the centuries. Rotterdam is the hub of Europe in respect of energy and industry. It is a city with infinite ambition that attracts businesses and keeps them here.

Its maritime industry is flourishing thanks to its top-quality port infrastructure. This world-famous port boasts leading maritime commercial service providers, shipbuilders and offshore companies. It has access to the very best talent and it has its own innovative ecosystem. Rotterdam is the Gateway to Europe and the stepping-stone to the whole world.

The combination of maritime business services in Rotterdam and the manufacturing industry in the Drecht Cities has transformed this area into a top-quality international region. And we can reinforce our competitive position even more if we work together. This will enable us to continue attracting the best businesses and the most talented people.

The Municipality of Rotterdam, Port of Rotterdam Authority, the Drecht Cities (Alblasserdam, Dordrecht, Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Papendrecht, Sliedrecht and Zwijndrecht) and CEOs from prominent players in the Rotterdam and Drecht Cities maritime industry all joined forces in mid-2017, to put the sector even more firmly on the map in the Netherlands and abroad. As ‘Maritime Capital of Europe’, Rotterdam leads the field in terms of smart and sustainable maritime services: a global city that attracts people and businesses and keeps them here.

The initiative for putting Rotterdam even more firmly on the map is led by the Rotterdam Maritime Board, which also provides assistance in this regard. This Board’s members are 35 CEOs from leading maritime businesses and trade associations in Rotterdam and the Drecht Cities, and its technical president is Ms Mai Elmar.

City life

Rotterdam is a city with tremendous character. The city is dynamic and ever-changing, just as the Nieuwe Maas (New Meuse) is a powerful symbol of continuous movement. The city of Rotterdam and its people are never afraid to experiment. In fact, we’re more likely to go looking for it. It’s a city where the Make it Happen mentality can be seen and felt. It boasts parties that go for Rotterdam and give their own interpretation of Rotterdam’s spirit and ‘can do’ mentality, no matter whether they’re residents, visitors, students or business people.

Rotterdam: a great place to work

We welcome experiments with open arms in Rotterdam: almost anything’s possible here. We combine statements in architecture, design and urban planning & construction with a sense of intimacy by keeping things on a small scale. There’s an incredible amount of scope for innovation and entrepreneurship here in Rotterdam. We warmly welcome creative spirits who believe in the city’s future and who want to be part of a creative industry. Our Rotterdam ‘thinking in terms of solutions’ mentality ensures that innovations are actually put into production, so that they can serve as inspiring examples to the rest of the world.

There’s plenty of choice for anyone wanting to work in Rotterdam or set up a business in our city, ranging from Weena in the city centre to locations alongside peers in the Port of Rotterdam Industrial Complex. Rotterdam’s business district is an attractive location for international players who are used to similar districts in Amsterdam, London or Frankfurt. Rotterdam offers you a combination of historic buildings, modern office blocks and iconic skyscrapers. The price per square metre is considerably lower than in the rest of Europe.

Port of Rotterdam.
The biggest maritime port in Europe.

If you opt for Rotterdam, you’re opting for first-rate accessibility from the sea and for smart, reliable and safe road, water and rail connections with the rest of Europe. You’re opting for thousands of connections with other maritime and inland ports. Rotterdam is the home port for go-getters. It’s the place where you do business with entrepreneurs, professionals and innovators who go back for generations and who keep going where others hang back. Rotterdam is the place where people can achieve unlimited ambitions. You can read more about this on the Port of Rotterdam Authority website.

Rotterdam gives you access to 500 million European consumers within 24 hours. Our international network and cooperative relations with other global hubs such as the Port of Singapore mean that Rotterdam is your stepping-stone to the rest of the world. The Port of Rotterdam is the deepest maritime port in the whole of Europe. It’s accessible 24 hours a day, and there are no restrictions caused by the tides. The port employs 180,000 highly-qualified specialised experts. It has a 3.3% share in the GNP and is therefore one of the three driving forces behind the Dutch economy.

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Rotterdam Maritime Capital
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