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RHB Stevedoring & Warehousing Breakbulk Terminal

RHB Stevedoring & Warehousing Breakbulk Terminal

Tel: +31 (0)10 4299433 Ref: 20263

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Company info

  • Waalhaven N.Z. 4
  • 3087 BL Rotterdam
  • Port no: 2157
  • P.O. Box 55092
  • 3008 EB Rotterdam
  • The Netherlands
  • Tel: +31 (0)10 4299433
  • Fax: +31 (0)10 4290261
  • Website:

Management persons

Name Function Direct tel. Mobile Email
Operations after office hours Operations +31 (0)10 4299433 +31 (0) 651086307
Pluijm, M.J.W. van der Directeur +31 (0)10 4299433 +31 (0)6 55781760
Flach, J. General Manager +31 (0)10 4299433 +31 (0)6 57131656
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With a unique private deep sea terminal in the Port of Rotterdam RHB Stevedoring & Warehousing is specialized in the handling and storage of:

  • Project cargo
    Using our 208 tons high speed heavy lift crane in combination with our high speed multi purpose shore cranes and our own high speed handling system we can handle your project cargo quickly and efficiently.
  • Heavy lift
    With the aid of our partners’ floating cranes or ship cranes we can lift units up to 1800 tons. Our 208 tons + 144 tons heavy lift cranes are ideal perfect for the safe handling of units up to 216 tonnes in tandem lifting.
  • Industrial Break Bulk / General cargo
    8 high speed multi-purpose cranes with up to 55 m/tons capacity can unload/load big bags, boxes, crates, cases, drums, or barrels.
  • Non Ferrous Metal
    For example aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, tin, titanium and zinc, and alloys such as brass.
  • Steel
    For example coils, plates or steel piles.
  • Stripping and stuffing  of containers
    Flatracks with overheight and/or overwidth cargo

Our Multi Purpose, Project Cargo & Heavy Lift
Terminal Waalhaven N.Z. Rotterdam

  • 730 metres deep sea quay length – max. draught: 10.25 metres
  • 100 % Stevedoring – 100 % Independent
  • no air – beam – length restrictions – no locks or bridges.
  • Main office situated on the terminal for direct supervision
  • On our terminal we handle project cargoes, heavy lifts, industrial break bulk, non ferrous metals, general cargo, containers & steel cargoes
  • 24 hrs / 7 days camera surveillance & digital recording
  • I.S.P.S. Certified – AEO Certified

Our Cranes and equipment

  • 1 mobile harbour crane 208 tonnes. Liebherr LHM 600-S – 50 tons at 58 metres
  • 1 mobile harbour crane 144 tonnes. Liebherr LHM 550 –  41 tons at 54 metres
  • 8 multi purpose shore cranes up to 55 m/t cap.
  • 16 forklift trucks up to 32 m/t cap.
  • 3 floating cranes from partners up to 1800 m/ton
  • 2 reach stackers 45 m/ton cap.
  • 1 tugmaster
  • 20 mafi trailers 120 m/tons cap. – 3,50 m width

Our Warehouse

We have over 12.000m2 (70.000m3) available for the storage of your cargo. We can store almost any type of cargo including Project Cargo, Heavy Lifts, Non Ferrous Metals, Steel Products, Plastics and all other packed or unitised cargoes for short or long terms. Granted by the Dutch environmental authorities we have received a permit for storing and handling dangerous goods. Furthermore all our warehouses are fitted with electronic alarm systems and are equipped with extra wide doors up to 10 meters.

Our Heavy Lift Cranes: Liebherr LHM 600-S – 208 tonnes and LHM 550 – 144 tonnes (photo)

In 2008 RHB purchased the world’s most powerful mobile harbour crane: the Liebherr LHM 600-S. This crane has a lifting capacity of 208 tons and is designed for safe and fast handling of industrial break bulk, project cargo, heavy lifts and general cargo. This can significantly reduce loading and unloading times.

Later RHB bought the little brother a Liebherr LHM 550 with 144 tons capacity.


Next to our company is located Weighbridge Weegbrug Waalhaven Rotterdam for weighing containers, trucks according to VGM / SOLAS.

For more photographs of RHB see the Photogalery.


Uitgeverij Logistiek, Ridderkerk

T. +31 (0)180 490122