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Welpatrans Expeditie B.V.

Welpatrans Expeditie B.V.

Tel: +31 (0)10 4779188 Ref: 20641
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  • Marshallweg 33
  • 3068 JN Rotterdam
  • P.O. Box 8542
  • 3009 AM Rotterdam
  • The Netherlands
  • Tel: +31 (0)10 4779188
  • Fax: +31 (0)10 4760866
  • Website:


  • VAT-no.: 818990624BO1
  • Trade-register no.: 24429570
  • Established in 1981
  • Number of employees: 1-11

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Management persons

Name Function Direct tel. Mobile Email
Wiegman, H.J.R. Directeur/Duitsland-O. Europa +31 (0)6 53557480
Paardekoper, R.A. Directeur/Italie +31 (0)6 54755691
Rijmenam, G. van Expediteur/Duitsland +31 (0)6 22556183
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Welpatrans Expeditie B.V. is an independent Freight Forwarding company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The company was founded in 1981 by Hans Welters and Rob Paardekoper. Director Hans Welters retired in 2002. Since then the current board of directors consists of Herman Wiegman and Rob Paardekoper. Since our establishment in 1981, our team has grown steadily and expanded with experienced forwarding agents. Together we form a reliable team, dedicated to each other and to Welpatrans.

Our team consists of:

Rob Paardekoper, director, forwarding agent (since 1981)
Marjo Scheffer, finance and administration (since 1981)
Herman Wiegman, managing director, forwarding agent (since 1982)
Gaston van Rijmenam, forwarding agent/disponent (since 2001)
Ronald Katsburg, forwarding agent, disponent (since 2007)
Henny Nooteboom, administrative assistant (since 2014)
Chantal Paardekoper, assistant finance and administration (since 2015)

Welpatrans moved to their current location at the Marshallweg 33 in Rotterdam in 2002.

At Welpatrans we are committed to forming long-lasting bonds with our clients. We understand that the trust of our clients must be earned and maintained, while putting your business interests first.

Testament to this is our loyal client base who have been with us since the very beginning.

An important share of our clients have made use of our services and expertise for over 35 years! We are proud of the trust our clients place in us and our company on a daily basis.

We believe our success depends on how well we service your needs.

Our services:

  • road transport
  • container trucking
  • oversea shipping
  • consultancy
  • express shipping
  • warehousing and distribution

Welpatrans arranges transport to and from Rotterdam harbour and other West- European harbours.

Road transport

Welpatrans Expeditie B.V. is a neutral and independent freight forwarder (since 1981), with excellent connections and selected agents in almost all European countries. Together with our partners, we have been organizing the transportation of partial loads and full truck loads for over 35 years.

We can arrange the transportation of all types of cargo with different types of vehicles, including tilttrailers, tautliners, open trucks, but also reefer- and thermo trucks.

For the transport of your dry bulk we make use of silo trucks, steel containers, aluminum tipper trucks and hopper cars.

We also handle the transport of odd-sized and oversized loads all over Europe.

Container trucking – import

With your B/L or Container-release, we can monitor the arrival of your containers, receive the containers on your behalf and if required, handle the customs-clearance.

We can arrange the onward transportation of your container to any desired destination.

We will keep you well informed on the status of your shipment throughout the whole process.

Container trucking – export

With your booking confirmation we can collect your container, arrange the transportation to the loading address and ensure that the loaded container is transported back to the terminal in time for departure.

We will keep you well informed on the status of your shipment throughout.

Shipping – import

LCL shipments

We are happy to take care of your LCL shipments from the FOB harbour to our warehouse or the final destination.

If your goods are ordered on FOB terms (overseas harbour), we will arrange the shipping and delivery at the desired address.

The advantage is that you retain better control of the freight and the freight costs. The costs are determined and advised beforehand so you will not be surprised by additional, unforeseen charges.

FCL shipments

We are happy to take care of your FCL shipments from the manufacturer (FCA XX) or FOB overseas harbour location to our warehouse or the final destination.

We take care of all your customs import & export requirements to ensure you enjoy hassle free shipping at a competitive price, while keeping you informed on the status of the shipment.

Naturally, we would welcome the opportunity to arrange the onward storage and distribution of your shipment, including neutralisation or other logistical requirements on your behalf.

Shipping – export

From all across Europe we can collect your shipment (both partial and complete loads) and provide the onward shipping to any destination in the world. This also includes full containers and LCL shipments. We arrange the required documentation process and keep you informed on the status of your shipment.

If you would like to receive a quotation, please fill out our request form.

Uitgeverij Logistiek

P.O. Box 3064 | NL-2980 DB Ridderkerk