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VU Shipping B.V.

VU Shipping BV

Tel: +31 (0)10 2903167 Ref: 20556
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Hoff, Mrs. J. van ‘t Managing Director +31 (0)10 2973148 +31 (0)6 53381036
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Shipping, fast, reliable and easy

Reliable, experienced, and solution-oriented. Three words that describe exactly what VU Shipping stands for. As a specialist in shipping RORO units, containers and special projects, we have successfully provided global maritime transport for over 35 years.

VU Shipping specializes in the worldwide shipment of cars, trucks, trailers and all other self-propelled or rolling cargo. Operating in the worlds most important trade lanes, VU Shipping moves cargo worldwide on modern and technically advanced deep-sea and short-sea RORO vessels.

Our motto: Straightforward. This not only applies to our transport, but also to our people. We highly value personal contact with our customers and genuine relationships.

​With 30 offices we are able to offer a worldwide service.

Check out our worldwide network on our own website.

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Moving big stuff around the world

We are experts in shipping trucks, big machinery, cars and containers. Our maritime network includes offices around the globe. We maintain close relationships with more than 25 agents worldwide. We have long-standing arrangements with them and they know exactly which service level we want to offer our customers.

Experienced. Reliable and Straightforward.

Let’s Ship Smart!

VU Shipping has its roots in the port of Rotterdam, which translates into a pragmatic and goal-oriented mentality. However, we can also be extremely creative, especially when it comes to shipping solutions. We don’t stop until we have found the proper solution for you!

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Shipping trucks & big machinery

VU Shipping is worldwide known as an expert in RORO shipping. See a RORO vessel as a floating, giant (200 meters long!) multi level parking lot. Want to ship your car, truck or earth moving equipment?

We take of the transport of a wide range heavy trucks and big machinery around the world on a weekly basis.

Trucks, trailers, dumpers, mobile cranes, excavators, wheel loaders, backhoes, tractors, harvesters, bulldozers, forklifts, graders, automotive, yachts, projects and heavy lift equipment, MAFI trailers, and other static pieces.​

Container service

VU Shipping can manage tens of thousands of Containers, also known as TEUs, every year – to all destinations around the world. We have strong working relationships with the largest ocean carriers in the world, which enables us to offer flexible routing and multiple ocean transportation options for both part container (LCL) and full container (FCL) movements. In addition, VU Shipping provides consolidation and deconsolidation at origin and destination, to optimize your supply chain. Even for import container shipments VU Shipping can offer all services, storage, transport, custom clearance services.

​At VU Shipping we offer a weekly container service. We use the following equipment for this service: 20/40 ft. Dry, HC, Reefer, Flat Racks, Open top and Platforms.

Shipping cars around the world

VU Shipping is wide known as an expert in car shipping. We take of the transport of a wide range of cars around the world on a weekly basis.

​We work for both international trading companies and private clients. From one car to big quantities, we make sure your vehicle will arrive safely at its destination.


VU Shipping has designed and developed an innovative container frame for multimodal transport of cars, the Vucaframe. Compatible with the 40ft container infrastructure, this patented design enables the operator to transporting two carframes at once by road using a standard container chassis.

This efficient solution for distributing (new) cars from factory to customer provides lower logistic costs, a reduction of handling and damage to or theft of the vehicles. Each frame is able to transport 2, 3 or 4 cars making it suitable for both low and high volume distribution. By using special high-strength steel a high durability and a long life has been achieved.

Project cargo

When necessary we also draw up special shipping proposals upon request.

Our team transports cargo internationally without any limitation on weight or volume. Most of these projects handle goods and products from the energy sector, such as generators, turbines, reactors, boilers, towers, cranes, heaters, presses, locomotives, concrete plants, boats, satellites, military equipment, containerized housing units, all kinds of vehicles, large pipes and construction equipment.

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Fast, reliable and efficient, that’s what we call smart shipping. Easily plan your shipment online and receive a quote within 24 hours.

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