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Navimodal Logistics B.V.

Tel: +31 (0)85 0509696 Ref: 44318

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Visser, W. Founder | Managing director
Verkerk, M. Co-Owner | Operational Director +31 (0) 180 22 92 92 +31 (6) 52 52 2634
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Freight forwarding as part of your growth objective

Navimodal Logistics is your partner when you want to get the most value out of your supply chain. As a freight forwarder located in the heart of Rotterdam, we know our way around logistics and we can provide you with the best import- and export solution. ‘The best solution’ in this case means that not only do we offer the most economical or fastest intermodal transport, but we also optimize the complete supply chain. In this way, we ensure that your logistical processes contribute to strengthening your competitive position and the growth of your organization.

Liquid logistics

It has no need to say that liquid bulk cargo requires different sorts of packaging. ISO Tanks suitable for the transportation of for example, all types of water, hydrogen peroxide, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, food products, solvents, oils, resins or alcoholic beverages. As an alternative to the use of tank containers, it is also possible to transport your goods in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s), drums or barrels or in a flexitank. All the options are suitable for both hazardous and non-hazardous cargo.

Advantages of an ISO Tank

The use of ISO tank containers means a safe, cost-effective and highly reliable way to transport your liquid bulk. ISO tanks are designed to meet specific criteria according to the substance they will be carrying. Because of this they are very reliable and can withstand extreme pressure and damage. They are highly unlikely to leak, do not require additional packaging materials for the cargo, can maintain a specific temperature for temperature sensitive cargo and they can be transported by road, rail or boat.

Value added logistics

Do you have liquid products loaded in tank containers which needs to be on a certain temperature for unloading? Or is the product solidified after the sea freight, and is it necessary to heat the product to be unloaded? We have all the experience in-company to provide you with advice and a solution. We can heat with steam, warm water or even with electricity. Including temperature regulation and 24/7 monitoring. The best part of this? No extra transport needed as our heating facilities are combined with our depot services. Also a part of our value added logistics, is the offering of our cleaning services after unloading or our technical services when maintenance on your tank container is required.

Intermodal tank transport

Navimodal Logistics is specialized in intermodal freigt forwarding. Whether it becomes tank transport, complete global forwarding, sustainable and efficient transport by rail or other forms of intermodal forwarding, Navimodal Logistics always finds the best solutions for your specific situation!

Global Logistics

When you are involved in the export and import of cargo, there are many things you need to take in consideration. When will the goods arrive at the customer? How can I keep the transportation cost-effective? What customs regulations must I deal with? These are all questions that can cost a lot of valuable time when you don’t know your way around global forwarding or intermodal logistics. Navimodal Logistics is an expert in the field of global forwarding and ensures that your freight is transported by the most efficient and cost-effective option, regardless what the destination of your goods will be. Navis Global Solutions supports the redesign of your supply chain so that your logistics processes contribute to the growth of your organization.

FCL transport or LCL transport?

At Navimodal Logistics, we can help determine how your sea freight needs to be shipped. We arrange the ocean freight of full container loads (FCL) with, for example, cosmetics, electronics, textile, sport articles, machinery or even automobiles. When your overall cargo volume doesn’t meet the FCL requirements, we make sure the best LCL (Less than Container Load) possibilities are offered. Even when your shipment become more challenging, for example out of gauge, and needs to be loaded on flat racks, we have got you covered. We are your partner in global forwarding when you need a company that walks the extra mile! This means that we are not only looking for the cheapest transport option, but we investigate what solution can yield in the best return on investment (ROI). For example, it can happen that a more expensive container transport is chosen that reduces your delivery time in such a way that you can turn that prospect into a new customer or enter a new market.

Complete global forwarding

When your FCL cargo arrives at the port and you need to deliver to an inland destination, we at Navimodal Logistics deliver your cargo to the place you need it to be. Inland China, Argentina, South Africa or even the North Pole. Delivering your goods to the port of arrival is, especially in some of the previous mentioned locations, not the hardest part of the total supply chain. Getting your cargo from the port to the final destination often can form the real challenge! Our extensive network enables us to adapt to every situation.

We can offer the following services:

  • A complete import & export solution, including loading & unloading at port of origin or destination.
  • All necessary customs formalities for import and export shipments.
  • Deepsea from or to Rotterdam, or any other origin – destination you can imagine.
  • Wide range of trucking services for FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less than Container Load) or Out of Gauge shipments.
  • Intermodal transportation to a big variety of destinations, very cost-effective and sustainable.

Many of the terminals in the port have their own rail and barge transfer facilities so that cargo at the terminal can be placed on a train or barge vessel immediately. his may serve you a shunt to your depot as well, so contact us up front to save money at the end!

Value added logistics

You can also turn to Navimodal Logistics when you are looking for storage facilitations, barge connections, IBC’s, flexitank containers or any other equipment you must transport your products in. All possibilities are offered for both hazardous or non-hazardous cargo. Do we have to load a 20 feet container at your factory, and this needs to be lashed and secured? We can offer this service on-site, or, if desired, we can also process this at our partners site. We can pre-load your cargo If needed with a trailer, every size of vehicle you require. Does your cargo contain one carton or 100 pallets? Navimodal Logistics, doing whatever It takes to make you happy!

Why use Navimodal Logistics for your global forwarding challenges?

  • Is freight forwarding not your ‘cup of tea’ and would you like to focus on your core business to maintain or improve your service level? Outsource a part of your logistics to Navimodal Logistics! We adapt ourselves to your demands and ensure that you can focus on what you do best!
  • Do you want to promote your product in Europe by pushing it to the market? And you need a partner to handle your stock level? Navimodal Logistics takes care of your supply chain!
  • Not only do we obey your demands, but we also advice you when we are noticing any developments that may reduce your logistic costs or improve your supply chain!
  • We can organize your complete logistic process from loading at shippers “seller” address to consignee’s “buyer” requested destination (door-to-door). Do you need another setup? We will arrange it!

Looking for a dedicated company who values partnership? Do not waste any more time and send us an email to investigate the options we are able to present to you!

Intermodal Logistics

Navis Intermodal Solutions

When you are responsible for the transportation of cargo, you would like this to go as smooth and efficient as possible. However, when it comes to intermodal transport you have many possibilities to choose from. Navis Intermodal Solutions is specialized in offering intermodal transport solutions and can take away your logistic worries. We make sure you always get the best and most cost-effective transport solution offered!

Sustainable and efficient transport by rail and barge

Rail and barge transport to and from the port of Rotterdam is fast, efficient, reliable and sustainable. Transit times are short: your rail cargo reaches the German border within three hours. Many destinations in Europe can be reached by train within a day. Because of the short travel times rail transport is ideal for transporting your cargo rapidly across long distances. It also offers a good solution for transporting large volumes efficiently and quickly. More than 250 weekly intermodal rail cargo services start and end at the port of Rotterdam. Transportation by rail offers excellent opportunities for transporting containers, dry bulk, general rail cargo and chemical products. Many of the terminals in the port have their own rail transfer facilities so that cargo can be placed on a train immediately at the terminal. Navimodal Logistics makes intermodal transport available for everyone, no difficult scenarios or business cases. We will investigate the best option the sector has to offer and inform you all the suitable routes for your business, so together we optimize your supply chain. Intermodal transportation is favoured throughout the world as it offers environmental benefits such as reduced CO2, particulate matter, N2O emissions, and lower diesel fuel consumption during this era of rapidly depleting natural resources.

Transportation by short sea

Intermodal transport is not the only service we can offer. Inland shipping is a reliable, safe, efficient and sustainable way of transporting cargo between the port of Rotterdam and destinations in Europe. Via transport per barge, large volumes of goods can be transported at low costs and with low CO2 emissions per ton. Transported by water, your cargo sails straight past traffic congestion and roadworks and can even reach Germany without having to pass through locks. The port of Rotterdam is ideally located at the mouth of the Rhine and the Maas and provides high-frequency connections to destinations in the whole of Europe. From the terminals in Rotterdam an extensive fleet of inland vessels transports your cargo via the Maas and the Rhine directly to the major economic centres in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Austria. Connections to the Main and the Danube ensure that transport of cargo by water as far as the Black Sea is possible. Sailing times vary from less than a day for destinations in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, to four days for example from Rotterdam to Basel in Switzerland. The flexible and modern fleet of thousands of small and large inland vessels can be put to a wide variety of uses. It can transport dry and liquid {link naar Navis Liquid Solutions} bulk, containers {link naar Navis Global Solutions} and project cargo. Inland shipping is strong in long-distance transport, but when combined with road transport for shorter distances it can also offer an interesting alternative to using road transport for the entire route.
Interested in what we have to offer you? Feel free to contact us. But be aware, you may hang up with a solution and a smile!


Interested in what we have to offer you? Feel free to contact us. But be aware, you may hang up with a solution and a smile!

Uitgeverij Logistiek, Ridderkerk

T. +31 (0)180 490122