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IT Partner Group

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Vreeke, Mrs. L.J. Sales Manager +31 (0)78 6832080 +31 (0)6 57195660
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The IT Partner Group consists of IT Partner (Rotterdam), Caribbean Software Solutions (St. Maarten) and VSH-Tech (Paramaribo). As a group of companies, we provide software solutions for the logistics industry; specialized for ports, terminals, agencies, freight forwarders and stevedoring companies.

The product owners and consultants working at the IT Partner Group all have a background in Logistics, they know how to bring the best of IT into the world of moving cargo.

As a vendor we operate in a partnership with our customers, always improving their operational excellence and adding value by sharing our knowledge and expertise. Our customers experience on average a 30% increase of revenue just by using our products of the CENTER SUITE.

Our CENTER SUITE exists of separate modules which can be used independently. You only pay for the functionality that you require.

By giving you the choice whether you want to purchase the products or want to use a monthly subscription means that our pricing model fits anybody’s budget.

Take advantage of on-premises or cloud-based systems using modern technologies and development methods. New features and functionalities are constantly added to our products, taking away the need of large updates so you can benefit from having zero downtime.

IT Partner Group offers a full range of services and software products for terminal operators, logistics companies, ports and cruise terminals:

  • Software: innovative and reliable software products that allow you to make insightful decisions, streamline your organizational workflow and significantly elevate your performance potential.
  • Support: worldwide support, 24/7/365 if required. Professional support that is both accurate and effective.
  • Training: tailored especially to your organization, to guarantee a smooth transition.
  • Consultancy: our aim is to make your IT system fit your business perfectly.
  • Web: your online company profile, to ensure one single and completely integrated platform. This will establish a consistent look-and-feel in line with your corporate branding.

Our key software product is CENTER SUITE. This is a collection of 5 connected software products which together service your Terminal operational workflow and management.

The 11 CENTER SUITE products work flawlessly together, as well as on their own. This means you can deploy the complete CENTER SUITE collection or just one or more separate CENTER SUITE products.
Because we are specialists in interfacing with existing IT environments, you only need to implement the products you really need.

Please let us briefly introduce to you our 11 CENTER SUITE products.

CENTER ERP is a terminal operating system (TOS) for deepsea, shortsea and inland container operations.  With CENTER ERP terminal operating system, you can manage all movements on your terminal, monitor every step in the process and intervene – when necessary – with minimal impact on your operations.

CENTER ERP supports real time data and order control, flexible EDI integration, local customs support, and much more. CENTER ERP will give you ultimate control of your terminal workflow. It will maximize your productivity, minimize your costs and it offers great flexibility.  This terminal operating system will elevate your terminal to its highest potential.

CENTER MASTERPLAN is a powerful software product for visualization of yard planning, vessel planning, quay planning and move control. All combined in one single product. It enables you to manage multiple terminal locations in one overview.

With the use of intuitive drawing tools and geographical maps you can set up your yard and vessels visualization with detail. This enables you to plan and monitor your operations with tremendous accuracy and flexibility.

For example: the terminal yard. When setting up your yard in CENTER MASTERPLAN you can define your own terminal boundaries, zones, bay and row wise stacked areas as well as undefined (heap) areas. When visualizing the yard, you can see real time updates of your terminal operations. Manage your yard with great details and from different points of view (including row, bay, layer and top-down layer views.

CENTER MASTERPLAN connects flawlessly with CENTER ERP and with any other terminal operating system (TOS). It can also be used without a terminal operating system; CENTER MASTERPLAN operates perfectly as a stand-alone product. No matter the size of your organization and/or complexity of your logistics operations, you can perfectly manage your planning.

CENTER CLIENT PORTAL connects to CENTER ERP or your existing terminal operating system, and operates as a portal to the outside world. Your own organization, your customers and your suppliers will all have access to the necessary information and operational control.  Anytime and anywhere. Authorization is set up at user level, which ensures maximum security, safety and flexibility.

CENTER CLIENT PORTAL enables inland parties to pre-register containers and register import documentation. In addition, it has extensive functionalities for agents, shipping companies and forwarders to create and manage orders and releases.

A unique feature of this product is how user management is set up. Customers can register their own account information, which saves considerable time and effort.

The appearance of CENTER CLIENT PORTAL can be designed in line with your corporate branding, so you have one corporate look & feel for your organization.

With CENTER APPS you have your terminal in the palm of your hand. It is a complete mobile software solution for all your port logistics activities.  It is linked to your Terminal Operating System; all operational activities are available to you via mobile equipment.  You have access to the information and functions you need, anytime and anyplace.

CENTER APPS is 100% integrated with the CENTER SUITE and interfaces flawlessly with your existing IT environment.

CENTER APPS makes real time operational information available in clear, intuitive, user friendly overviews and detailed visuals.

CENTER BARGING is a “Software as a Service” cloud-based planning application. It makes it easy to plan and monitor inland vessels during the booking process, appointments and rotations.
CENTER BARGING supports various electronic data exchanges with the vessel (BICS), container terminals and Port Community Systems such as Portbase (including MCA).

The skipper of the inland navigation vessel has direct access to the application using an easy to use APP where he can report his arrivals electronically and monitor his own planning.

CENTER FREIGHT FORWARDING, AGENCIES AND WAREHOUSING can handle all of your logistical challenges.
Managing shipments from A to B with one system. It is possible with IT Partner’s software framework.

In Freight Forwarding complete and correct administrative handling is essential. It assures a Freight Forwarder of the most efficient way of shipping. For drawing up the House BL and for contact with agents, terminals and customs you need complete documentation. IT Partner’s system ensures you have the right documentation whenever you need it. Our results-oriented software framework gives you a clear overview at any time and provides insight into your costs and benefits.

A Shipping Agent represents the organization that carries out the transport. He is also responsible for managing the documentation flow. With IT Partner’s system a Shipping Agent is assured of a clear overview of all bookings and insight into costs and benefits. It guarantees quick communication with terminals. Connecting with external software systems (port, customs and terminal systems) is possible.

The system of IT Partner is in line with the essence of Warehouse Management. It’s an intelligent system that simplifies and speeds up complex processes. With one push of the button flows of goods are supervised and handled. The system can be easily integrated with external software systems of Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents.

CENTER PORT MANAGEMENT takes care of all port movements and assets.
The software runs pilot schedules, vessel movements, dock activities and asset management.
Our Port log module is able to log every event, even weather and tide conditions.
The extended security module enables you to control every single person and vehicle on the port. Our software is able to generate extended reports automatically or through a web portal.

CENTER PCS is a Port Community System, which enables public and private stakeholder within the (sea) port logistics chain to exchange information. It is a secure, cloud-based software solution that connects and integrates governmental and private sectors into a Single Window system.

All stakeholders provide, share, and benefit from the provided information through a centralized web-enabled platform. This platform will improve nationwide information flows and accuracy of statistics by using real time data input. Information is gathered from all maritime and air modalities arriving or departing a country, as well as from its cargo and passengers. With CENTER PCS your port can work IMO FAL compliant.

CENTER INTELLIGENCE is our business intelligence approach that allows you to make effective insightful decisions based on facts and real time information. Real time data is translated into meaningful information, presented to you ready to be used.

All data gathered by your terminal operating system and other data sources, can be used as input for your calculations and insights. You decide what you want to know, and CENTER INTELLIGENCE will gather the relevant data, calculate the outcome and show the results to you in clear, insightful overviews. This will significantly help you find the evidence you need to guide your decisions.

Powered by Microsoft, the information is visualized in easy to understand dashboards and reports, which are easily shared and accessible on mobile devices.

Visit our website today to increase your productivity and to stay ahead of the competition.

For more information please visit:

or contact Leontine Vreeke at +31 6 571 956 60 or mail [email protected] for more detailed information.

IT Partner B.V.
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