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Bos, W. de Account Manager+31 (0)10 4914432+31 (0)6 51310888
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Niehof, J. Account Manager+31 (0)10 4914435+31 (0)6 51286633
Maas, S. Procurement+31 (0)10 4914455+31 (0)6 51032604
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About us

We are CARU Containers. We trade and lease new and used shipping containers across the globe, operating from offices in 8 countries.

In the year 2000, CARU Containers was born from a merger between CATU Rotterdam, Trade Craft and Lease Craft. With the fusion of CARU Containers Rob Tromp, our current CEO, and Paul Ockers made container trading more professional and human.

At CARU, we love containers because they’re an unpretentious product. They do what they do, and they’re pretty good at it. And because of their simplicity, the possibilities are endless. In our opinion, the container is the invention of the 20th century.

We can relate to containers, as we are also always on the move. We explore other countries, new ways of trading, and new digital technologies.

We aim to make buying and leasing containers a pleasure. Simple, human, transparent, and fun. And it seems this approach is working: we have grown to be one of the largest traders of containers in the world.

We trade and lease new and used shipping containers across the globe

With our dynamic container fleet, CARU is able to supply you with containers almost anywhere in the world.

CARU and our worldwide network

We are the largest independent trader in the world wide container industry. We have close relationships with shipping lines and are able to arrange supply from the source. This collaboration allows us to rapidly deliver containers to almost any destination worldwide.
We have offices in the United States of Amerika and Europe and we work very close with local partners all over the world. Together we make it possible to supply you with our containers in over a hundred countries.

A container within a couple of days

Our network of colleagues in different countries combined with our network of partners enables us to supply you with containers within a couple of days. Anywhere in the world!

Selling and buying back in other locations

Sometimes we are able to sell you containers in one location and buy them back at other locations where you do no longer need them. Recently, we for example sold a number of containers in Rotterdam that we bought back in China. As it turns out, our ability to do so is proving highly valuable to our customers.


There is a lot of volatility in the market and this volatility in the market is not just related to supply and demand. Often geopolitical factors are involved as well. Sometimes we are active in markets, but because of a political situation we are not able to deliver containers in that region anymore. However, because global trade in goods always continues we will see additional demand for containers emerge elsewhere.


Currently we supply containers in all the continents world wide: Europe, Oceania, South America, Nord Amerika, Africa, Australia and Asia. We like to think outside of the metal box, that is what sets us apart from other players in the market. Welcome to a new world of container possibilities. We are always exploring other countries, new ways of trading, and new digital technologies.

Pick your container

  • 20ft Standard 20ft Standard
    Our 20ft containers are CSC certified, ISO compliant, and versatile. These all-purpose containers will make your life easier. Request your container now!
  • 40ft Standard 40ft Standard
    Our 40ft containers are versatile and up to any task, no matter how complicated. Of course, they’re CSC certified, too. Buy them in our online shop!
  • 40ft High Cube Standard 40ft High Cube Standard
    Our 40ft high cube container is the second biggest container in our line-up: perfect for shipping or storage. Find it now in our online shop!

Containers in your country?

Would you like to know more about our possibilities, locations and services? Please contact Steven Maas or Allard Langenhuijsen.

Would you like to acquire containers or in case of any questions, please reach out to us and visit our contact page.

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