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Uitgeverij Logistiek has published the Rotterdam Transport Handbook and Rotterdam Transport Who is Who for fourty years.  The last edition was publihed in April 2015. All information is now available on www.rotterdamtransport.com.

Uitgeverij Logisitiek is member of the Fenex and the Vereniging van Rotterdamse Cargodoors.

Rotterdam Port Authority

Uitgeverij Logistiek is partner of the Rotterdam Port Authority, which means that all data of this website are included in Navigate, the online tool of the Rotterdam Port Authority.
Not only will Navigate show the best transport route, it will also tell you the transit time and list the logistics companies you could partner up with. In addition, an empty depot planner has been built in to reposition your empty containers. Navigate has been specifically designed for companies who want to use container transportation in smarter ways for their supply chain.

 Websites owned by Uitgeverij Logistiek:

  1. amsterdamtransport.com
  2. dordrechttransport.com
  3. groningentransport.com
  4. moerdijktransport.com
  5. rotterdamtransport.com
  6. twentetransport.com
  7. venlotransport.com
  8. zeelandtransport.com

Contactdetails Uitgeverij Logistiek

P.O. Box 3064, NL-2980 DB Ridderkerk
Tel. 0180-490122
E-mail info@rotterdamtransport.com

Founded in 1994
Kvk nr 24247247

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IBAN NL51 INGB 0658 9979 39

VAT-number NL 8093.11.811.B01

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Uitgeverij Logistiek | P.O. Box 3064 | NL-2980 DB Ridderkerk

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