neska Container Line B.V./Alcotrans

neska Container Line B.V. (Alcotrans)

Tel: +31 (0)88 8760220 Ref: 19234
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Rhine-Inland shipping

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Dormagen  Duisburg  Dusseldorf  Koln  Krefeld  Leverkusen  Neuss 

Railway Traffic

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Duisburg  Dusseldorf  Koln  Stuttgart 

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Buiten kantooruren Weekend/Avond dienst Barge+31 (0)6 53111678
Buiten kantooruren Weekend/Avond dienst Rail+31 (0)6 49858964
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neska Container Line B.V. – our network – your advantage


neska organizes container transports between the major seaports and the Hinterland. Thanks to huge transport volumes we are able to optimize traffic flows to a great extent without losing the flexibility in our services.


Effective container transports

In our dispatch center we overlook the parameters of each transport like the arrival in the seaport and our customers’ processes. We connect all information with real time data of the modalities and terminals in the neska Container Management system. This way we find the most effective solution for every shipment with own barge, rail or truck, via the most suitable terminals and routes.

Experienced professionals

In the neska team we have well-trained people with their background and education in the various transport related areas. Of course they bring logistical expertise, but also know how to deal with our customers’ day-to-day business. You work together with experts who speak your language. Our employees provide advice on the various possibilities, track your transports and keep you posted about the progress.

Sustainable and innovative

Sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand. We reduce CO2 emissions because we know our trade. We make use of modern means of transportation and minimize the carbon footprint through innovations. With for instance our neska Water Taxi System unnecessary transports of empty containers are avoided: Due to an overall equipment planning system we position your equipment to the demand area.



neska intermodal network

Together with 6 terminals along the River Rhine and connections to local satellite terminals we form the neska intermodal network, the specialist in the Lower Rhine area and part of Häfen und Güterverkehr Köln.


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Uitgeverij Logistiek

P.O. Box 3064 | NL-2980 DB Ridderkerk